Joan Rivers
      Donald Trump
        Bill Clinton
         Larry King

Tarot Cards
and Palm Readers  
People love to see into the
future. This is a fun way to liven
up your party and have your
guests entertained.                                        

                                        Caricature Artists
For Kid's parties and adults. Give your guests
                                             something they can frame and remember forever.   

Murder Mysteries
Our murder mysteries are  
customized especially for your  
company and guests and, can also
include some of them!
Invite our cast of suspects over       
and have a great time collecting
clues and trying to figure out who
done it!  

Our Celebrity Impersonators mingle with your
guests, meet and greet,  and Elvis has his own action
packed show.

Larry King does his own show with guest interviews.

Invite Joan Rivers to your next red carpet affair
or high school prom with her "Who Are You Wearing"routine?"  

How about Donald Trump giving advise on how to make  
millions, marry a Super Model and annoy your friends
Funny Singing Telegrams

We deliver balloons and present a funny song created especially for your guest    
of honor created from the information you give us.
Or,  why not have a funny character interact with your guests and keep them   
laughing while they deliver your singing telegram?
They sing a song customized especially for your "special guest" and we  
include helium, mylar or a funny balloon hat or bouquet of flower balloons.
Then we lead everyone in the Happy Birthday song if it's they're birthday.
If you prefer a love song or poem, you can design your own telegram!

Some of our characters include:

Regular balloon delivery with song
Crying Lady dressed in black (she can't believe you're getting that old!)
Joan Rivers
                Singing Telegrams
 Strolling magic and full magic shows.
Card             Magic, Slight of hand and variety
                         Roasts And Tributes
Our tributes are custom written for your "guest of honor" and they get   
everyone laughing and having a great time, including the person being
The Roast is usually between twenty to twenty five minutes depending on  
the information given. Afterwards is a fun awards ceremony and we get
the "special guest" up to say a few words.    
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